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5 Secrets to Success in Business
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Secret #  1--Invent New Revenue Streams
    If your company sells widgets, then add or resell a product / service that
    complements the widgets.  Sometimes, this is easier said than done - that's
    where I can help.

Secret # 2--Empower Employees
    Break functions down into small working groups with revenue and cost
    responsibilities. This is a great way to encourage learning and participation
    within your company.  Don't forget to hold team meetings on a regular basis
    so everyone is clearly working towards the same goals.

Secret # 3--Remove Barriers
    When an entrepreneur starts a company, suddenly he or she is expected
    to be experts in many areas that he or she doesn't enjoy or know how to
    do. Hire a part-time person to help you with that.   

    From a customer's perspective - make sure your company is easy to do
    business with. Simple things like an email reply or returning a phone call
    that same day goes a long way with your client or prospect. (even if you
    don't have an answer for them, they still expect a response)

Secret # 4--Capitalize on What Is Already Built
    If you already have a good customer base or list, stay in touch them by
    email monthly newsletters and promotions.

    Understanding how to recognize and capitalize on excess capacity and
    internal efficiencies is a smart way to maximize return on your investment.
    This is where my fresh set of eyes can help.

Secret # 5--Identify your Specialty
    If your company specializes in widgets, then be the BEST at what you do.
    Be professional and your customers will return.

    Make sure your customers understand the value of your products /
    services and you will succeed.  

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